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Organizational Principles
of the
Fellowship of Evangelical Lutheran Churches

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Under the cross of Christ and by these principles, we form this Fellowship of Lutheran Churches:

  1. Without reservation we accept the Lordship of Jesus Christ, the Holy Scriptures of the Old and New Testaments, and the confessional documents of Lutheranism as the sole foundation of this fellowship.
  2. Within the depths of our sin as unbelief, we trust God's Word alone for the renewal of faith and life.
  3. We hold our common ministry to be that of proclaiming - in word, sacrament, and deed - the forgiving, healing, and reconciling Gospel of Jesus Christ for the invocation of justifying faith as the essence of salvation for all people.
  4. We are confident that in God's Word all believers are called and represented to share in the unity, life, ministry, and mission of Christ as the Word of God definitively revealed to us.
  5. We are thus ready to accept into our fellowship without exception all who profess faith in Triune God, who confess faith in the saving Lordship of Jesus Christ, and who express this faith according to the Lutheran Confessions.
  6. We acknowledge not only the equality of all people in sin under the accusing Law of God, but also the equality of status before God of all who believe in Jesus Christ through the Gospel. This fellowship includes people of all races, of either sex, of any age, and of all social strata.
  7. We will treat differences between people as true gifts of God whose diversity compliments the tasks which God has called us to do. We will utilize such differences to enrich the priesthood of all believers for the common ministry we have under our Lord, Jesus Christ.
  8. We recognize that the Holy Spirit is active through Word and Sacrament among Christians in other denominations. We rejoice in our baptismal unity with all Christians. We will celebrate the gift of unity in both work and worship with any fellow Christians, so long as this does not involve compromise or denial of the confession of either party.
  9. We know through the nature of God's Word as Law and Gospel that we are to resist the encroachment of human traditions in realms belonging only to that Word. We therefore reject any human authorities or documents as binding upon us without our prior consent.
  10. We pledge to act toward all within and without our fellowship in openness, honesty, trust, fairness, and above all in Christian charity.

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Basic Documents (PDF)
Contains the following:

   1.  Organizational Overview
   2. Organizational Principles
   3.  Mission Statement
   4. Constitution

Complete Organizational and Constitutional Documents (PDF)
Contains the following:

   1. Organizational Principles
   2. Mission Statement
   3. Constitution
   4. Bylaws
   5. Sample member church constitution
   6. Affirmation of Baptism as Confirming and Ordering of Ministries

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